Purchasing documentary


1. Be familiar with the specifications, models and relevant standards of the materials, and control the requirements and delivery time of the purchase order;

2. Release and follow up the order, make the order follow-up record and feedback the abnormal information of material delivery;

3. Actively follow up the supplier's quality improvement and feed back the supplier's reply results to the quality control department in time;

4. Follow up relevant departments to confirm the results of samples and return them to the supplier within the same day;

5. Check accounts with suppliers and arrange payment request;

6. Obey other work arranged by superior.


1. Must have more than 1 year hardware product purchasing experience, familiar with production purchasing process;

2. Strong ability of computer document, experience of ERP system operation system;

3. College degree or above, mature mind, high stability in work;

4. Good work coordination ability, flexible mind, strong communication ability, can obey the work arrangement.

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